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On July 24, 2011 I sent an electronic funds transfer from my bank to One Main Financial to pay off and close this account. My bank confirmed the payment was received.

I got the loan agreement stamped PAID in the mail a few days later. Then I got a bill for $601 saying the payment was rejected and they added a $35 fee for a returned payment. I called my bank again, they called One Main Financial, my payment was credited to the wrong account and they can't or won't fix it. To date I have made 11 phone calls to the branch in Castle Shannon PA and the manager (Jeanine) will not take my calls.

I have filed a complaint with the attorney generals office in PA and will continue to fight this as long as I have to.

Review about: Onemain Financial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $601.

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Thank I was about to open an account with this bank now I see they are NOT ONEST to bad other bank will take my business .!!! :cry :cry :cry :cry


They did the same thing to me. I made my final payment on March 12,2012 and received my "paid in full" letter in the mail.

I had made my payments by automatic deduction from my checking account. On April 12 they took an additional $255 from my checking account. I have made multiple phone calls and visited the One Main office and they

STILL HAVE NOT returned my money. I made all of my payments on time...and now I can't get my money returned in a timely manner.

This company "stole" the money from my checking account and 3 weeks later has not returned it. Do not make your last payment by auto pay...cancel the auto pay so that they can not continue to take your money.I will never do business with them again and have told all of my family,friends and co-workers to avoid this company.


I am having a similar esperience. I made a phone payment and they applied it to the wrong account and now have me in collections!

I have supplied paper work to prove I made my payment on time and they STILL call and harass me. They keep asking for my checking account info becuase they said I am deliquent and need to pay my bill up. Its been TWO weeks since they took my money.

NEVER again will I take a loan with these people. Its sad because the local branch has been wonderful.


who do you report these guys to? im having the same issue and i am really pissed.

paid in full. on thier website.

they still took my payment out again. wont discuss it wont talk about it.


Same issue with OMF. I paid my last payment 3/1/2011 through automatic bill pay through my local bank.

I have been to the local branch three times and have called the customer service center, which can not help, only the local office can deal with customer accounts. I have the photocopy of the check that cleared 3/1/2012. OMF keeps calling in regards to the missed payment and now the late fee. I have made the same payment to the same account for six years and now there is an issue?

Sounds fishy to me.

Waiting for the local branch to call me back, again! I will not do business with OMF ever again.


Same here. I paid the full buyout amount online on a Friday afternoon from the same checking account OMF does by monthly auto payment from and immediately received an e-mail from OMF stating my payment had been accepted yet it did not reflect on my account yet. I checked Monday and it was still not reflected by OMF but it was in my pending transactions in my checking account. On Tuesday the money was out of my checking account and no longer in pending status yet still not reflected on my account with OMF. Today is Wednesday and it's still not reflected by OMF. I've had 2 people from the same branch give me 2 different timeframes it would post to my OMF account. I've been told 4 and 7 business days by the branch and 3 days by their 800 #. Their online FAQ's state the following...

"My payment is due today. If I make the payment online, will it be on time?

Yes. All online payments are posted on the day they are made. However, the money may not come out of your bank account for 1-3 days."

I told the woman at the branch what the website FAQ's said and she told me it was wrong and her supervisor told her to tell me it would take 7 days since they just had another customer do the same thing I did and it took 7 days to post.

They can take my money right away, they're quick to get me to take a loan but they're super slow when it comes to giving me credit for a payment. When I check my history online, there's no record of the payment yet their system sent me a confirmation the day I made my payment which was 6 days ago.

This is the 21st century. Every financial institution and online retailer I deal with, including small mom and pop shops and people on eBay, can post a transaction within 24 hours if not within minutes of the transaction taking place yet a financial lender named OMF can't? This is ridiculous and I will be contacting any legal and consumer watchdog groups I can find about this and most likely the local TV and radio stations and newspapers. I am on a mission now and will be sure to make everyone I know, people at home, at work, friends, family, etc., aware of the shady practices this lender uses and to stay as far away from doing business with them as possible. For those who want to know, my branch is in the Chicago, IL - Northwest IN area. Good luck to those of you getting the run around like me!


My last payment was drafted from my account for more than the final payment. when i called the branch they stated that i would have to bring them my bank statement to prove the whole amount was drafted.


I wish I had seen this.... I just sent a final payment to them on 2/8/12 to pay of my loan.

Over $6000 i sent them.

It hasn't posted to my account. It is now 2/10/12 and they aren't answering the phone on their 24hr 7day number.

to Justin #1473697

It takes 7 business days for any payment to post with most financial company's even your payments to most credit card accounts be patient.

to Justin #1478034

Most financial credit company's actually take 7 to 10 business days to post because of the high volume of customers. Take a chill pill please.


these guys need to be investigated. i used to work for them and they are greedy and sneaky in business.

thats why i left. i dont want to go to prison when they get exposed and people already know


Did you try the BBB that always works...I have had problems with them too regarding posting of payments...and they just call...and call...and they want me to send info to them crazy..unofortunately i still have to deal with them...


They just withdrawn my payment 3 times on the same date from my Bank account. My account was now overdrawn because of their error.

Now they are telling me I must wait 3 weeks for them to refund my money and the overdraft charges. Jaja do they think I am dumb? Thanks God I have Bank of America who will be taking care of this problem!

Stay away from this scammers ... specially Teresa & Cecilia from the Hialeah Branch in Florida!!!!!!


Same issue here. I paid the final/payoff amount on November 18th.

The payment cleared my banking account on Nov 21. Onemain must be trying to get over on consumers by delaying the posting to try to charge extra interest and to collect additional payments.

I also have autodraft on my account and I sure hope they don't plan on autodrafting a payment on Dec. 18th.


Same thing here. Paid in full,it took them4 weeks to process payment.

in the meantime, they continued auto deductions. I'm on hold again (loan has been paid off for 9 weeks now) trying to recoupe my money. I'm going to walk into the local branch that gave me the loan this morning, and raise some ***.

I just hope some other poor soul hears what I have to say, and then backs out of the loan they are seeking, and runs like *** in the other direction. BIG SCAM!!!!!

to John #1473698

Bring your bank statements with you as proof


My situation was finally resolved today. As of 09/21/2011 my balance is $0.00 according to the website. It seemed like a lot of drama over a payment was posted to the wrong account.

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