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So me and Mrs bowling went back next day there was a blonde haired lady there ask if john was in she said yes I said you the secretary she said yes from another branch help out for few days found out sherry. L buchholtz was a district manager went talked to john he said I had to take credit life or loan would not go threw he ask how much I got monthly I told him he said excuse me went out talked to sherry I could not hear what she said but he said no just the one we talked about last night he came back in said if Mrs bowling wasn't Co signier I couldn't get loan I looked into it she wasn't supposed to be on contact only was on it said her credit score was higher than mine she never had to work I made good money poured concrete 15.55 he theandn he ask about home and auto we thought we walked out without or contact with creditlife and just auto but had home ins American health and life insurance itamiforged anyone can see that and the American traveler motor club credit accident and health.

And or involuntary unemployment insurance I'm on disability have scirross of the.liver right there is one of many I.will tell you me continue please we got turned down today to buy.her parents house because of one main took advantage of me.I'm mentally incompetent it is in my award letter I can send you copies and they made my girlfriend of 30 years my payee she is bipolar and mental conditions to she has award letter to that's why they ask us to come back when they found out we both were on disability because of them are dream of buying the house Mrs bowling was raised in is probably gone we were going to leave house to son and daughter after are passing but my credit score was almost excellent now its 364 and Diane's is 367 how can hers b higher than mine she hasn't got no credit and on the papers we never even seen until I called for it I have liver problems that's just one reason they will pay.the 60 months as far as we care they ruined my family with every breath in my body until the day I die I willll have them put in prison if they did this to us they are doing it to other people to they forged are signatures put right on the first page we wanted the money for a funeral and we lived with them free houseing then said we pay mortgage 700$ and uttilties 200 and something all on the same page sorry I had to compose myself I worked since I have been 16 years old and them people took advantage of us we have been depressed since then today we got letter of denied for loan now what I have never hated another human being like we do them they shattered my families lives I been very very depressed I don't no what we can do now they even went as far as were I was suppose to sign they typed are names and u caaaan tell they difference in are handwriting and the ones that are really ours I could tell you alot more but I just want someone to please please help my family get things back together and let my credit score go back up please who ever let me go over 100 words please help my family we walked out of the building little over 3000 and they say we owe them over 7000 please contact me I live in Dayton Ohio phone no 937 640 3662 2249 lodell ave my name is Keith kergs I also have taped conversation my girlfriends phone turned on when she sat down you can hear him ask Mrs bowling how much she got a month while he was on phone with rob another branch manager for probly the 5 the time every time he didn't no what to do he would call rob we have it on tape please help my family get there dream back we barley surviving now no credit nothing please contact us thank you for letting me finish nobody seems to want to get involved. Please contact me God bless

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