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Let me start by saying I am not in default with my loan. In fact I've been making my loan payments each month early for the last 2 years.

I've never had an issue until 2 months ago. For the last 2 years I have always manually made my payment online atleast 3 days prior to my due date. It all started October 3rd when I went to my bank (M&T)to make my car payment and they let me know that my account was insufficient. I knew it shouldn't have been as I watch my checkbook on a regular basis.

The teller looked into my account and noticed a double payment from One Main Financial on the same day for the same amount. I went to One Main Financial and after terrible "customer service" I was given a checkback for the amount as well as the aurguable insufficient fee's it caused. Again October 28th I make my manual payment online. I check my account and see that they again took my payment on 10/28 and again on 11/3 for the same amount.

I call the district manager and her response was that she was in meetings and didn't have the time to take care of this today. I'm sorry but this should've been addressed last month and should not have happened again. I was livid and expressed my opinion on the situation and that it needs to be taken care of asap as I cannot afford X amount of dollars because of their error. So later that day someone from the same branch I delt with last month calls and tells me that although it has now been 3 days since the deduction from my account the pymt has not processed (to date which has now been 7 days still claims it has not posted and will not refund me till it does).

After arguing with them for 6 days he calls and tells me On Aug 31st (when I made a pymt online as I have for the last 2 years) on the new website from One Main Financial I've been set up on reoccuring pymts. Anyone who knows me knows I would never.

I don't evn have my home txs escrowed. Has anyone else had this issue since the change of website from Citifinancial to One Main Financial?

Monetary Loss: $440.

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Lake Worth, Florida, United States #1222097

I go back to HFC, which rewarded being on time by reducing the interest rate once a year. As the payments went down, I left the amount at the original level and thus got many months ahead.

I liked the idea because of being able to skip a payment here or there later if I needed to. OneMain just says, nope.

F OneMain. Can't wait to burn this mortgage.


This happened to me as well! I went on line to make a payment and noticed I had a credit and the next payment had was two months away so I called the local bank and they told me there was nothing they could do because the payments had already come out of my account.

I am not a wealthy person so this really hurt me. I thought I had made the payment twice but the next payment I made I followed my steps and I dont know how I could have done that!

Shippensburg, Pennsylvania, United States #837137

I had a similar situation with them. I started out with an auto deduction from my checking account.

I made an early payment because I was going to max out my checking account before the due date of my loan payment. I called the number for corporate and made sure that I would not be double billed. They assured me I would not, yet a few days later I was double billed and then received two overdraft fees and a returned item fee.They said there was nothing they could do about it except apply one payment to next month.

I cancelled the direct payment, now I make each payment individually yet I still have to call

the office where I took out the loan each month.You would think they can handle a computer at corporate level. I will never get a loan them again


I too have the same problem with One Main Financial. They continue to call for payment when I have up to the 15th of the month to make the payment.

I too want to pay this bill off as soon as possible. The people their are also VERY RUDE!!!!!!


One of the customer service reps called under the pretense of inquiring if I wanted to borrow additional funds. Then she politely proceeded to ask when I going to make my payment?

I asked her when was my payment due. Needless to say, I knew on what date my payment was due. It was no where close to being due. I told her that my payment was due, I had never paid late and that she would receive it on the due date as she has every month.

I cannot wait to either refinance or pay this company off as soon as possible.

DO NOT BORROW FROM ONE MAIN FINANCIAL. Customer Service is horrible.

to Anonymous Middletown, Virginia, United States #825456

I have a loan from one main & I never have a problem with the ladies that work at the branch I have my loan through they r really sweet

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