Be forewarned when opening a loan account with One Main Financial -- they violate Fair Debt Collection Practices. I currently have a loan with One Main Financial (in New Jersey).

After being only two weeks late on a loan payment due to an oversight, I have been bombarded by calls at my place of employment (after advising when I opened the loan that I could not accept calls at my place of employment); and have been contacted and threatened with garnishment of my wages. The real clincher is that One Main contacted a personal reference that I had supplied when I applied for the loan and disclosed to this individual that I was behind in payment and that I needed to contact them.

The loan has since been paid and is current but I am extremely dissatisfied with their lack of professionalism and, in fact, violation of debt collection laws, and I feel customers should be aware of One Main's antics.

Product or Service Mentioned: Onemain Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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"After being only two weeks late on a loan payment due to an oversight"

I do believe you're a liar.

You go one day past due and they're calling.

That said, why didn't you pay them when they first started calling since it was a simple oversight rather than wait two weeks.

"contacted a personal reference"

Why of course they did. What did you expect them to do when you probably blocked their number and told them not to call your job again? As an FYI, most people, people who pay their notes on time don't know what a FDPCA is. They don't have to.

They pay their bills on time and don't try to find a way out of them, expect someone to "work with them" or "show compassion." If you can't handle the note, don't apply for an take their money. The people I feel sorry for are your references that have to keep taking calls because of a dead beat.


Are truck is broke down have to get new engine cuz valves went through motor we also got a camper both are finance through one main financial the truck going to cost $7000 for a motor they can you help but said can Lian us $500 dollar and at it to the camper which we still owe a 1 and half at $334 and change it to 4 years for $299 we're both disabled crazy I thought I heard him wrong 500 and add 2 and half years

to Patricia #1426872

"I thought I heard him wrong 500 and add 2 and half years"

Good thing about a signed contract that you read, and signed, you don't have to think you heard anything.

Go pull it from the drawer or shoe box and read exactly what your terms are.

You knew you were disabled. Sounds like you went in there an pretty much stole the money.


I'm in NJ and have the same issue.


We are currently experiencing the exact same thing. Calls started coming in from 2 different phone number just days, less than a week after our first ever late payment.

In just over 2 weeks they began calling not only our places of employment and cell phones from 2 different numbers every hour, but they also called a reference and told them we were late. All of this before we we were even 30 days behind.

They break the law. I am turning them into the BBB.

Cibolo, Texas, United States #917210

Please contact me as I work with people who have had FDCPA violations!! lindsi.hobbs@gmail.com. I would love to get more information from you!!

to Anonymous #1426874

" lindsi.hobbs@gmail.com"

So you love to work with people huh? You make it sound like you have a REAL business.

Guess what, REAL business DO NOT USE free gmail, hotmail etc. accounts.

Many scammers do.

A good scammer would have at least paid a few bucks for a REAL domain and real email address. You couldn't even do that.

Folks, not saying this is a scam but do you really want to send your email address to someone using a gmail account.

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