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VERY UPSET at how high my fees are! They need to be MUCH MORE TRANSPARENT about interest fees!!!

I took out an 11,000 dollar loan to find out I owed over 16,000!

I have been paying them 350 a month for SEVERAL months and only NOW have just started paying into my principal. TOO EXPENSIVE.


Location: Germantown, Maryland

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"MUCH MORE TRANSPARENT" How much more transparent can they be...LOL... C'mon...The paperwork we assume you READ and UNDERSTOOD tells you how the payments will be applied, the crazy high interest rate YOU were mad enough to take on, and other terms.

When YOU signed, YOU said you understood the terms and what you'll pay over the course of the loan. A 5th-grade student with basic math skills could have told you this was a stupid loan for you. Desperation caused you to just roll in, take that stupid money and roll out. Desperate idiots who don't read things are probably a huge part of their business model.

They saw you coming from a mile away. Listen, you did this to yourself.

Personal responsibility 101 is down the hall. Classes are now forming.

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