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We apply online and we get approved and when we went to the local branch here when we got all the behavior from the people there which they called them self customer service!!!!Poor customer service we been mistreated because of our race and staff is very rude to us no one call us to let us our application status we have to call to find out after 4 days and over top of that they give themselves the right to shred all our paper without our...
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I was conditionally approved for a personal loan. When I arrived I was advised it would be a consolidation of my credit debt plus loan of $3360.00 I just guessed my balances over the phone. When all was pulled together income was short $300.00. I love the loan prospect the way processor set it up. We did not pursue taking the time to adjust the loan amount down to where I could afford the monthly payments. I feel we could have made the...
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This company gives you the run around i applied for a 3000 loan they tell me im approved for a 6000 Dollar loan i explained that i didn't need that much they said it was fine i get to the office to complete my paper work just for them to tell me oh your not proved for 6000 but for 5000 and again i only request 3000 for them then to tell me because they put in for the 6000 they wont approve the orignal amount i requested co.pany bad for...
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Onemain Financial Unsecured Loan Review

My service was very complimentary, friendly and helpful.I receive my loan immediately after applying. And I even over heard the patience of a member staff assisting a customer that had some diffculties in pastdue payments they were very attentive and helpful with there customer. In resolving there financial situation. Very satisfied with there service.
Days after i applied for a personal unsecured loan with my financial institution( in whom denied me a loan of 6,000 loan with monthly payments of 280.00a month due to my credit being a 700 and not a 720) i received a pre- approved screening in the mail from OneMain. I was shocked after doing my research on them and of course people in the world get mad and post things that they don't mean out of anger.Yet, i personally would rather see it for...
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I didn't like
  • Customer service
  • Customer service was horrible
  • Way i was talked too or handled