Onemain Financial Loan Refinance Reviews

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Interest Rate
Value for money
Product or Service Quality
I am refinancing my loan through my jobs credit union. I was always suspicious about my loan from one main bcse statements were very vague. I even filed a complaint w consumer protection which was pointless bcse I wanted my statement to have detailed info. All it shows is the amount of my loan once it's paid off 5 yrs. I borrowed $9300 and it shows final loan only of $16000. The truth reared it's ugly head when I called for my payoff and now I...
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I took this secured "auto refinance" loan to pay off the remaining balance at the end of a loan through Toyota Financial for a car I purchased new. I had this balance because of extensions due to Family Leave, etc, so rather than worry about Toyota coming for the car, I refinanced what I owed and paid Toyota off (i.e. $3500). Everything was smooth sailing, the interest rate was high, but I bit the bullet with the intention of paying extra...
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I liked
  • Availability of funds
I didn't like
  • Poor customer service
  • Wont ever go back
  • Rude ignorant manager
I am refinancing my home. I close in September. I owe One Main and I will pay them off. I didn't pay them last month first time in two years. They have threaten me, harassed me and made me fill awful. I am trying to get myself out of a hole. A hole they help me get in because I went to them. Now that was my fault but I had never dealt with loan companies before. I borrowed and was paying them twice the amount I had borrowed. I am not running...
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Anonymous I agree with you. Your late being a faithful customer and they treat you like your a piece of dirt.
As far as I am concerned I feel at this point they should just wipe out ...

I had a loan with OneMain then refinanced I was not told that I would still have to continue payment on the old even if they were combined. I thought I would have that one bigger payment. When I called about it she simply says sorry you didn't understand, right now I suggest that you think long and hard about this company. Please find another loan source. I think this company like the idea you have come to them before and now you have come back...
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I liked
  • Were friendly
  • Local customer service
I didn't like
  • Loans were not combined but they talked as they were