I have also had some bad dealings with One Main Financial. I live in North Idaho, I got a loan though them and have been paying on it for a while. Then one day they called me and wanted to give me $500 extra dollars by refinancing my loan so I agreed. Then a few months later I feel behind on my payments and they started calling me 4 or 5 times a day, plus put me on an automated calling list which also calls me every day. They then start calling my family and even my work. I did some research and it is clear to me that they are in violation of my credit consumer rights for harassment. Then I called them up to try and work something out and was not even 60 days past due yet (I have phone records of this conservation) and they threatened to take me to court and garnish my wages, which I know is in violation of my rights because bill collectors can not threaten to take you to court if they have no intention to do so.

I then talked to them about making payment arrangements in a few months down the road so I can get another job and start paying again and then the other day they send me a nasty letter saying I own them $8,000. The principle amount for the loan was $4,000 as per what the *** letter in the mail said I was prequalified for. I looked over their contract and IF I were to make all my payments in the agreed term then they would have collected a total return on investment for $8,000 but the principle amount of the loan is only $4,000. So if I paid it all tomorrow I would not own them $8,000 dollars. So I call them back and they tried to pull some b.s that I do own them this amount.

With all that being said, I am going to court to fight One Main Financial, I would love to get a bunch of people involved in some sort of class action law suit. I think the safest bet is Harassment and unfair business practices because after reading a bunch of these posts it seems clear that someone needs to do this. I have recently graduated from grad school with my MBA and would love an opportunity to get to use some business law that I have learned. I think One Main Financial fails to uphold honest business practices and should be turned in to the Better Business Bureau.

If anyone is interested email me at drjamesondds2000@yahoo.com

Product or Service Mentioned: Onemain Financial Loan.

Monetary Loss: $3800.

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Also would be in on this. Tires of the harrassing calls, emails and letters.


ALL of my $450 payments are going only to interest on a 13k loan. I've been paying for almost a year and my pay off is more than what I financed.

I'm going to let them take my truck. I cant do this anymore.

to JS #1543855

Count me in also, Njohnson471@gmail.com


Spoiler AlertThis is expensive money. DO NOT TAKE out a loan with these people unless you're man/woman enough to pay through the nose. Don't take a loan if you don't plan on paying on time, think someone is going to "work with you" have empathy etc.Do not take a loan if paying high interest for your bad credit is not your thing.P.S.If you had money for an attorney you wouldn't have taken out a loan here.

to Anonymous #1550112

*** em stick it to there *** hey thats part of being a loan shark sometimes you are going to have to take big losses its good enough for them *** they pressure you and pressure you into taking there loans out so yeah i think they are at more fault then the poor person going in there and getting the screws laid to his *** there needs to be legislation passed where they can stop any high interest loan shark company from contacting anyone. there time will come its about a guarantee one main has opened themselves up to litigation against them for sure

to ricky stults #1572619

Unless they sent Luca Brasi and the Godfather out who made you an offer you couldn't refuse, they can't make you do anything. Your personal situation and lack of vision caused you to take these loans.

That's it. Put on your big people pants and take responsibility for your situation. Oh and BTW, there were rules and legislation to help regular people out when it comes to big banks. Those rules were set in place by the Obama administration and are slowly but surely being rolled back.

While you're worrying about football players kneeling and other distractions, people you sent to Washington either though a vote or not voting are turning you inside out at the behest of their corporate masters. Expect no lawsuit to go through the courts that are being set up and if they do succeed, the penalties will be a mere pittance as compared to what they raked in.


we had some things going on to we payed every month now can,t get money from them we have to get someone to sign for it

Conyers, Georgia, United States #1253680

cedric long borrowed 5,000 owe 12,000

paid down 7,000 they tried several unhanded tricks to get even more money out of me. called telling me since I made all of my payments on time, I qualified for a lower monthly payment, (trying to extend the loan for profit without explaining this) which I refused. At the beginning of the loan I would pay double the amount due, they would not pay down the balance, they would hold the funds and apply them the next month then refuse to accept the next month payment.

Westland, Michigan, United States #1220066

Keith I borrowed $6,500 from One Main Financial paid on the loan for about a year-and-a-half yes I I was late a couple of times and I gave them $500 two or three time my monthly payment was 391.00 and then I gave them a check for $7,000 and they still say I owe them $2,800 count me in Keith Moore south Carolina

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #1280529

Can I please join this suit. My experience has been similar.

Harassing phone calls, threatening to repo my car saying there was a order out and it could not be retracted untill the balance was paid up, one month behind- had my mom go I. And make payment on Jan. 3rd (payment for December) . Jan wasn't due till Jan 6th- husband was in icu and mom panicked and got savings out to help out- since they said there was an order to repo.

-- went in Today after checked my credit score and they reported me - although my mom caught me up in January??? Amd then they said there was never an order!!

Who do I call. desireemoises@yahoo.com

Superior, Wisconsin, United States #1172978

Its sounds to me that you work for One Main shame on you.

Count me in on the class action lawsuit This company needs to

be taken down once and for all. I have a reacurring interest loan were only part of the loan goes to the principal of $39.84 and $231.16 goes to the interest the loan I pay $271.00 a month the loan is $7402.58 and very little goes to the principal and the rest goes to the interest by the time I get done I will end up paying $16,260.00

Superior, Wisconsin, United States #1172967

Its sounds to me that you work for One Main shame on you.

Count me in on the class action lawsuit.This company needs to

be taken down once and for all. it is sick to pay $16,800 over 6 years so far I have paid $8,400 a 6 year loan payments are $280.00 a month

dennis devogel superior wisconsin

Greenwood, South Carolina, United States #1137019

I would like to do so as well


Yes count me in. In the state of Mississipi i lose my job paid on time until then.

I have gotten a lot of calls during the day and the lady that is call herself helping me is not telling me every thing I need to know. She waits until a week before the end of the month to tell me about new payment and is due by the first of the month.

She really not trying to help snd telling me it going to collections and they are going to garnish my wages. Yes count me in.


Just spoke with BBB in Atlanta & they said One Main Financial located in GA, is handled by the BBB in Dallas TX. I called Dallas TX & yes they handle all complaints for One Main Financial.

There are over 47 complaints at this time for One Main Financial. No additional information.

If anyone wants to get a Law Suit started please let me know. Thank You

to Anonymous #1134109

I borrowed $50,000.00 from one main financial and was scammed by the loan officer in charge. They told my wife and I that the loan would be cheaper to consolidate the bills on a10 year loan?

Upon closing, after going over the amount a few times to make sure how this was going to work out? The person who completed our paper work kept going to the back and making copies for some reason? The paper work was reviewed over by us and the officer, but we never saw the amount of years on paper, but we kept asking about it and verifying because I am a paraplegic who was highly medicated, and could not keep up, little did I know years later, the reason why she kept going back to make copies, was because she never showed us the year term because she wrote it in right before we completed the paperwork before we left. I am now paying 50,000.00 which comes out to $200,000.00 and is no way cheaper than paying or bills the way we were in the 1st place, but they told us it was the best way to go?

I could not believe my eyes when I finally saw the amount of years I had to pay, even though we talked about only a10 year loan? I want justice for this type of corruption, this place needs to be shut down!

to Anonymous Houston, Texas, United States #1269850

i'm interested, My email is mechell30215@yahoo.com.

interest is over the top and only about 20% goes to principal.

companies like this need to be done away with.

They prey on people that don't have good credit.

I am actually trying to get back on track with my credit.


Please count me in with this lawsuit!! I have been paying OneMain for two years, never been late.

I only borrowed $3000 & told I still owe $4700 WTF!!

Please count me in and, contact me ASAP @ Rhiina210@yahoo.com.

Thank you! Desperate to get out this loan!!


call BBB. ask if there is a class action suit already, if not ask how do you get one started. im sure every one of their customers will follow.


Count me in the make people pay for 6 years they need to be closed and shut

down. For good they keep sending offers int the mail. Saying skip a payment but it never happens they lie to people

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