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If you are one day late they are calling you two to four times a day.I told them that I was only 2 days late and they said that they treat a customer the same if they are one day late or 90 days late.

The lady that works there is so rude! I called to talk to one of people that worked there and she said since I was not going to tell her my name that I could not talk to him. I didnt give her my name because she asked for it so hateful. Also, ever since One Main Financial took over Citifinancial the customer service sucks.

You cant call the company and ask them anything, instead you have to call your main branch and they are the ones I dont want to deal with!If your one day late-they harrass you up until 8:30 at night which I thought was illegal?

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Macon, Georgia, United States #914310

Harrasement company don't be 1 10 17 days late they call every day 5 6 times ppl have jobs.who gives this company the right.your paying it back.if I was 30 or 60 days late I could under stand .these are hate ful people.


Their customer service is systemically bad.When you ask a balance you get one number.

Then when ask a payoff amount it magically increase 25%. When you pay it off they require you to call them back to request a pay-off letter 10 days after payment. When you ask if you can just have it sent there is nothing in their "system" to do that.

What kind 1984 main-frame IBM piece of *** system are they using?Please spare yourself annoyance and get a loan somewhere else.

South Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #704739

Ya know i read all these reviews and there is one big aspect in common with them, Ya'll didn't make your payments.Can't afford payments on a loan don't take one out.

They make there living by loans so of course they are going to harass you.Anyway due to the reviews regardless and high APR i won't be going here for a small personal loan.

to Anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #757775

You have this one right!

to Anonymous #837245

SHAME ON YOU!!!(To: Anonymous in Saint Paul, Minnesota), You did NOT read ALL of the comments, many people paid on time, and payments were preportadly 'LOST' or "Posted to someone elses account" according to One Main Financial!!!

Payoff amounts were continually altered by One Main Financial. Harassment is against The Law! ...... So is Price Gouging!

Obvious why you posted as Anonymous! And Furthermore, One or two days Late once by No means means that someone can not afford payments on a loan. ........ It does NOT mean, as you so ignorantly stated: "Y'all didn't make your payments." I sincerely hope the very next bill YOU pay, gets posted to someone elses account, and/or arrives late & gets posted late, & you start getting harrassing phone calls!!!

It will do you good to learn not to judge, lest ye be judged! ....... Princess ....... & by the way, you shouldn't be going Anywhere for a, in your own words, "Small personal loan", since you have to get a loan, you obviously can't afford it!

Practice what you espouse!!!

to Audry #900956

Audry thank you so much!! So glad u wrote what you did! :) :)

Cicero, Illinois, United States #693142

Its bs to call multiple times s day if you are 2 days late especially with the interest they charge real tough guys over the phone

Spokane, Washington, United States #676092

I was one day late on my loan and this company called me every 10 minutes for three hours until I answered the phone.The next day, I blocked their number and they started calling my employer and loan references which consisted of my parents and inlaws.

A female employed by One Main financial called my father and asked him my whereabouts, and suggested that I took her on a date and did not pay the bill for dinner and drinks, and that I needed to contact her immediately so I could pay her for picking up the tab. I didn't believe this until the phone rang at my mother's home, and she placed the call on speaker. The same female employee used the same lie with my mother. Never have I been so humiliated and harassed by a company.

Later I received a threatening phone call from a second local branch threatening to ruin my credit, and they also said they would come to my home, auction my car off (which was not used as security for the loan) and put me in jail.

I immediately took out a bank loan to pay off these filthy animal liars.Something must be done to stop them and their harassment.


23 days late on my loan with OneMain Finincial. During thos 23 days they call all 3 references that i give at the time when applying for the loan.They told all 3 references that I'm late on my loan payment, was so shame and embarrass.


Sounds like you guys work for them or maybe they payed you off, Dd and Wow. You have no CLUE!!!

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