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My apologies in advance for the long lecture that follows, but what I'm about to explain in great detail here YOU SHOULD READ in it's entirety because it might save some of you from an equally horrifying experience. I didn't get as far as to actually apply for or get a loan.

It's laughable that with a credit score of 552 that they would offer ME anything. But I got the same offer in the mail a few days ago- a loan of $1500-$12,000, except I didn't rush out or call or go online to apply or try to EXCEPT their offer because #1 this kind of thing is ALWAYS *** anyway, especially to someone with a low score due MORE to the absence of credit, not outstanding debt. So here's what I open the letter, LAUGHING out loud at the idea that any financial institution would even send me an offer like this, or an offer to loan me $2.00 for a cup of coffee for that matter, seriously. And the first line my eyes see says, "Lisa, you helped someone get a loan at OneMain, and we want to thank you for your support".

Then it "bla bla bla BLA", then below it said "You've been a great resource for others, and we think that deserves a little help in return". On the back in microscopic print, it says,"You are receiving this offer because you are a present or former customer". Because I have NEVER been a customer of OMF, and because I DON'T deal with their affiliates and never have, AND I sure as *** didn't HELP someone get a loan at OMF EVER, all my friends are too poor for this just like I am, and I am not a person who would help ANYONE get ANY loan at ANY bank or loan company because I think it's the STUPIDEST financial move any idiot can make when it comes to smart money management, I mean did you see those interest rates? OMF and their "affiliates" are out of their frickin' gordes, thinking I'm that big of a sucker.

No....%3 APR for the first 6 months, then %0 after that or NO DEAL. I call OMF immediately, and to my horror they confirm what I had been afraid of. Mine is a case of identity theft. Now I'm glad OMF sent this to me regardless because it tipped me off about another strange piece of mail I'd got that same week, from the IRS, informing me of a remaining $60 TAX credit I still have from my 2014 tax return, and then a reminder from them that I had not FILED my 2015 tax return yet.

I called the IRS immediately and asked them about the letter they sent me. The man looked up my SS#, then asked some questions to confirm who I was, beginning with my current physical address, but their records didn't match. He asked about my previous address, but IT didn't match, then my address before didn't match either!! So he asked when I last filed, I said 2010 when I was still married, and I gave my husband's name at the time, and that didn't match.

He asked where I lived in 2014, which is when their records say I last filed income taxes, and I supposedly got a REFUND too. He kept asking me about all my addresses, and WHEN did I file last(?), or DO I file income taxes at all, I told him "NO" because I'm on SSI and people on disability OR welfare don't file an income tax return because you're not PAYING OUT any taxes. Their records show me WORKING and that I filed in 2014 AND again in 2016!...but no 2015, oh and I guess I got some tax refunds also. I've been on SSI since August of 2014.

I told him about the letter from OMF. I also told him about a rental denial I'd gotten in August of 2014 when trying to find a new apartment. An EVICTION showed up on my tenant report preventing me from qualifying for housing. They used Pacific Screening company in Portland as their "third-party" screening company.

This "eviction" was in MY name, MY SS#, MY DOB, ODL#, and supposedly happened when I lived up in Portland...married to some man I've never met...because it was not ME Shrug because I've never lived outside of Douglas County in my LIFE. I got that mess straightened up by writing letters to all three credit companies, Pacific Screening company, Umpqua property Management, Raintree Management Inc., and the Federal Trade Commission. And now, OMF gave SOMEONE a $35,000 home equity loan in my name and SS#. The IRS agent directed me to their REAL website and told me to immediately fill out a TAX IDENTITY THEFT AFFIDAVIT, so I won't get into hot water for tax evasion or fraud.

This is the THIRD TIME in under 5 YEARS that someone has stolen my identity. Let this be a lesson to you ALL, one regretful assumption I've made throughout the years as the identity theft crisis arose is thinking that POOR people with NO financial resources, nothing in the bank, who get food stamps, who don't own property, who don't do their banking or pay their bills ONLINE, or even own a computer ("Who'd want to steel MY identity!!???) can't get JACKED, but I did~

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