.....resist all temptation to use this company. they have awful interest rates, terrible customer service, and the "terms" of their loan agreements are so confusing that it would take 2 days and a lawyer to sit down and read them to make any sense of how it.,,,i.e.---like how they calculate interest, payments etc.

I am at the tail end of a three year loan, (that I actually made double and triple payments on to pay off early) so it only took one year,...but almost all of the interest is stacked in the front end of the loan-meaning, for example-if you have a $200 dollar payment every month, your interest might be like $140, and then every month it goes down a bit until the end, so on your last payment the interest might be like $20---SO YOU ARE PAYING SO MUCH interest in the first year it makes it so even if you make big payments early you are still paying most of the total loan interest. NO OTHER lending company has terms like this, except shady, back alley loan sharks and the mob.

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Pennsylvania, United States #872270

If you look at most loans or ask your creditors ALL loans/credit cards result in interest payments first and the principal last. List one that doesn't after the inquiry.

Deatsville, Alabama, United States #858761

wish I had read this comment before I got the loan. you are absolutely right and they mislead you about what amt you are actually repaying. Im getting a second job just to pay them off early.

Santee, California, United States #858275

This is a corrupt company that deals in false advertising.

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