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One Main merged with springleaf financial in Northern California, I went to apply for a loan with another company only to be told that my credit report indicated I opened a new loan Jan , 2017. I stated I had not and called one main financial manager in Vacaville, California and was told that the company modified the account.A class action law suit needs to get started.

This is not fair to lenders and if an approval wasn't given then the loan need to be reversed. Companies do not have the right to do such an act. I will contact an attorney regarding this matter.

Wells Fargo Bank is going through legal issues regarding similar actions.. I will investigate further and will contact the credit bureaus regarding this matter.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

I didn't like: Extremely high interest rate, Loan contract was falsely represented.

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Toms River, New Jersey, United States #1356595

Obviously Anonymous has NO LIFE... Who the F*** are YOU to be so condescending to others?

SO WHAT some ppl are credit challenged but if You and those other A** wipes advertise helping ppl then that's what you should do.. You sound like an absolute *** on the net tryin to degrade ppl for a company you don't WORK for? YEAH you're an *** & a LOSER,!!! Try & make others feel bad because you're a useless POS w/no life.

1st off ppl can whine, cry, scream, jump, hop, skip & kick about what ever they choose & since you haven't walk a step in their shoes how about YOU STFU & have several seats To the *** corner!!!!

& no I don't work for them either... Smile


If what you're whining about is the loan being sold to One Main...dry your tears because the selling of loans and loan companies happens everyday! The loan is NOT owned by you, it's owned by the original lender.

That original lender can sell it to whomever they wish because they own it. You could advise the credit bureaus the loan was originally taken out at Springleaf and then grandfathered into the One Main portfolio rather than a new loan being started. As for high APR. that is determined by the borrower's credit reputation.

Given you are whining about a class action suit, it's a dead giveaway you have a credit reputation among the deadbeat status. Thanks for the laughs and no, I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1342223

You just sound like an ***. Some people work very hard and pay coach for things instead of establishing credit, so when the time comes they need it, they don't have it.

I'm not really sure why you would laugh at that. Not every one who voices a complaint is whining.

One Main advertises for helping people with poor credit. Not everyone has immaculate credit and can be as privileged as yourself.

to Anonymous Capitol Heights, Maryland, United States #1351188

Ah! The troll is back. Get a life homie.

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