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They are liars they say its 35.999 percent interest why then for a 6,000 loan I end up paying like 13,000 when its over why does America allow this type of financial *** to continue they say they are out to help people get ahead BEWARE of ONE MAIN FINANCIAL . It will literally be a mistake . I have paid almost 7,000 dollars and that is all intrest barely any has gone to the principle this is how I figured 6,000 x 36%=2,160 plus compounding intrest daily yes im pissed off and I was not aware of this when I signed the contract only after 2 1/2 years paying ,reality finally set in and I really sat down and read there contract in full and I fully understand where one main financial is out to screw us the American public

Review about: Onemain Financial Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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...otherwise you come across as a fool! Anyone who knows about finance, knows interest as in APR is NOT calculated that way!!!

Plugging the figures YOU provided into an interest rate calculator as found in hundreds of places on the web shows the lender's figures (which you provided), are perfectly correct! Secondly, the APR was disclosed to you in the contract YOU signed.

The time to read the contract, is BEFORE you sign it...NOT two and a half years later! Thanks for the laughs and no, I don't work for them!

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