We wonder why so many americans are in debt. Maybe if there were good financial options out there for the poorest, we woul all be better off.

When no one loans money to the poorest, except rip off artist, no wonder America is more like a 3rd world country now. I have dealt with Citifinancial since 2005. Don't give them a car title as collateral, or you might end up like me. I pay my loan on time every month.

I've been trying to get my loan down to what my car is worth, to refinance with my credit union. Now some *** driver, causes a wreck. I was one of three cars stopped waiting for a car to turn left. Now my car is totaled and I will not get anything.

My loan will not be paid off, so I will not be able to get another car. I tried to refinance, b/c my loan is beneath what you need colateral on, but no they say you need to ask for more money. I know it isn't completely Citifinancials fault, but I'm not taking out a rediculously high loan to replace my car, b/c I bought my car out right to begin with.

Why if the loan is beneath what they require colateral for, can't I just get my title back. Oh well, welcome to America, the newest 3rd world country where thos the need the best loans get the worst.

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