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My grandson who is 22, steadily employed for 2 years, has great credit (although not a lot of it, just a car, credit card and another with Conns) wanted to get a personal loan to take care of a few things. So he went to OneMain and filled out app online.

He got a call from local branch and went through the process and was told his credit met the criteria but not his income and could he get a co-signer. This is where I came in. Let me first say, he spent maybe 10 minutes completing his portion of the application over the phone, however when I called to give my portion, I was on the phone for almost 53 minutes and they were getting pretty detailed. They told me I needed to bring in my last 2 tax returns....um ok.

So I had my daughter take them over and was then told because I owned a business and also worked and had wages, they would only consider the business income....excuse me? It was a part time business and that's what you people are using as my income even though that's misrepresenting my true income? Yes. They then told me, oh sorry there is nothing we can do.

That's it. No help, no options, did not want me to even ask questions about why such a *** calculation is being made. I jumped through hoops, more than I ever had to to even get a car and I was the freaking co-signer. Not sure what these people are doing, but losing business is how it looks to me.

They supposedly are there to help people, but in this instance it seems like they just didn't give a ***. This place is obviously run by people who have NO idea about customer service.

Will never use them and will make sure to tell everyone I meet to stay far away...they like to make promises they plan to never keep. What a poor representation for this company...no wonder there are so many pissed off people!

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"They supposedly are there to help people"

They're aren't there to help anyone but the shareholders.

Remember that and you'll do just fine.

"take care of a few things"

How does a 22 year old have some things they need to take care of unless they couldn't handle the little bit of credit given to them in their short lives?

Rather than complain, you should be on your knees thanking the maker that you didn't co-sign for the boy.

Are you out of your mind? For those who do not get it, NEVER co-sign for anyone unless you want their notes to be your notes. Their credit dings to be yours if you don't pay when they don't. "no wonder there are so many pissed off people!" There are so many because too many people for whatever reason don't have good credit or know how to handle it.

The come to places like this and pay for their poor credit histories in the form of high interest and relentless phone calls if you're late. No one cares if you've been trading with them for years and this is the first time, they will call until you pony up.

DO NOT apply for any type of credit from anyone if you can't handle it. You lucked out Grammy...

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