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Covid hit last year and I'm trying to pay for a loan .my income was not accepted but the circumstances should be considered. All I get is denial

Location: Lake City, Florida

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Contact the company directly. All you will get here is some lonely troll posting nonsense from under his bridge.


LOL...They did "contact the company directly." They said NO. What will contact the "company directly" do for them now?

Do you think that once they get hold of someone and explain their sad situation, the person is going to risk their job and say yes to a loan?

This isn't 1970 banking with a smile. Your lame advice is giving this person false hope and tying up a line that other people need.


And for my next complaint had I received the loan. “It’s a pandemic, my hours were cut, they should show some compassion.

Oh and the interest is too high and I didn’t bother to read the terms. I’m now mad before all initial payments go to interest.” There, I think I’ve covered all of the bad credit serial dead bear rants.

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