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I actually received a loan with them, and I couldn't understand with a credit score of 776 why the interest rate was so high. After I made my first payment the interest charges were at 99, then I made a second payment and my interest charges went to 103.9.

I called to inquire why this was and they couldn't explain it. I went in and paid them off completely after my second payment.

I then filed a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, The BBB, and the Texas State Attorney Generals Office, so that they can investigate this company. I would advise anyone to never do business with this company.

Review about: Onemain Financial Unsecured Loan.

Reason of review: doing an illegal service to customers, no honesty in anything they say..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I never signed a contract with these people . Or the next one .

What about this class action law suit ? please count me in .


did they used to go by Springleaf??? If so.....

count me in. Bought a truck threw them.... got payoff paperwork....

still no title. Been three yrs


We are currently getting a class action lawsuit against them. We need more people on to sign up. I have already been contacted.

to Anonymous #1402013

Contact info?

to Joe #1414396

Look at the response of the wailing, whining serial deadbeats! Impressive, isn't it?

Isn't it a shame this lender expects ALL of its customers to make their payments on time? How dare they!

If all these sorry deadbeats were to meet in one place, the EPA would need to declare it a Superfund Site because of the smell and fumigation required! These sorry habitual wailing deadbeats...a disgrace to this society!

to Anonymous #1424148

Yup! Anonymous is hiding like a {{redacted}}

to Anonymous #1423158

I'll sign up on a lawsuit against one main

to Anonymous #1471394

How do I sign up to join this class action against this company’s possible illegal acts?!


"with a credit score of 776"

1-With a score like this, why in the world did you go to a place like this that features expensive high interest loans?

2-Why didn't you notice the high rate before you signed the paper?

People with the score you claim go to banks, credit unions etc. and get cheap lower interest loans.

to Anonymous #1416540

Why? Because this is no doubt a false report written by a serial deadbeat who is trying to defame them because they insist he make his payments on time!

These serial deadbeats think they can write this garbage and everybody is as dumb as they are and won't catch the discrepancies.

You did , which shows you aren't in their "class". Now watch for the deadbeat to write back and embellish their STORY and/or saying, "you must work for them."

to Anonymous #1464440

I signed up for a simple loan and they turned it into an interest only. It’s been 4 months.

They claim I owe more than I borrowed.

I’m going to be taking them to small claims immediately. They’re absolutely freaking crazy!

to Anonymouse #1471028

That's how loans work..... I'm guessing you don't understand that nor did you bother to read what you signed.

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