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Took a loan from one company . then they sold to another , in witch they sell for pennies on the dollar , then the new company .

I don't know how many times this was sold . never even heard of One Financial . no paper work nothing . I want to see a signed contract with this company .

LOL . the debit was sold to another company ,key word sold . pennies on the dollar . To me sound's like the debit was paid .

Yes for pennies on the dollar . is it legal to collect on a debit that was already paid for ???

And once again . I have no paper work , no signed contract , so how legally am I responsible .

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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You don't have a clue what you're talking about! If the original lender loaned you $3000, do you actually think they are going to take a few hundred for that loan?

That's exactly what you are talking about with this "pennies on the dollar" garbage and its so, so dumb, it's laughable! Loans are bought and sold all the time. The loan is not owned by you, but by the lender.

They don't need to tell you anything because YOU don't own the loan liability! Since you very obviously have shown you don't have the slightest clue or understanding of what you're talking about, it's doubtful you aren't able to understand any of what I wrote!


" so how legally am I responsibl"

And you dead beat wonder why the loans you can get have such high interest. It's people like you just lying in wait for what you believe is a reason you can get out of paying your note.

If true, who cares how much someone paid for your note.

Please show the data the details pennies on the dollar.

A REAL MAN or WOMAN DOESN'T act as you do.

They honor their signature and pay their notes.

Thanks for making credit hard to get for people who are honorable enough to honor their debts.

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