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On 06/19/17 Collection representative Luis from the location on 2550 N Beltline Rd Irving Tx 75062 Called My job and left a message. The due date on the bill is 06/15/17 and I have to the 06/25/17 to pay before late fee is excess on 06/26/17.

Never did Luis call my cell number, I called the manager John at that location response call was a mistake. Stress to manager John why would you call my job when the account is not past due and I pay the same every month and I have had several loans with your company in the past advised John I will contact the district manager. On 06/20/17 left message for Michelle Mahan to call me she never called she was at another location off Mac Author in Irving Tx. I was told she was on a conference call.

Waited several hours no return call so I called at 2:32 p.m. Michelle Mahan took the call advise her what happen her respond your late on 06/16/17 and the collection representatives or told to called I advise her I'm not late till the 06/26/17 of the month and my time was wasted speaking to her do to she not aware of the process nor knowledgeable .

Called corporate office filed a complaint on 06/20/17 with a manager I was advise I will have a return call with complaint department 24 to 48 hours do to they were gone for the day still no response. Call back to corporate office on 06/22/17 spoke to another manager advise no one in the complaint department has called and it's been 48 hours manager at corporate office email Michelle Mahan I advise her I don't need to speak with her she doesn't know when the account is late she's not knowledgeable at all and she's a district manager, the manager stated she will send another email to complaint department I'm still waiting and I have filed with Better Business Bureau and FDCPA as well (still waiting)

Product or Service Mentioned: Onemain Financial Manager.

Reason of review: Not Knowledgeable.

I didn't like: Not knowledgeable.

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Did you even bother to read what you wrote? The bill was due 6-15 and she called 6-19-17, FOUR days AFTER the payment was due!!!

The grace period does not move the due date. It only means the will not charge you a late fee on YOUR LATE PAYMENT! To further tell the world you don't know what you're talking about, the FDCPA is NOT a place where you file complaints! The FDCPA is a law and applies to THIRD PARTY COLLECTORS!

Finally, you are going to report them to the BBB? The BBB is NOT part of ANY government body and has ZERO POWER to do anything! Thanks for the laughs!

Instead of trying to play lawyer and coming here to write things you very obviously have zero clue about, just concentrate of paying your bills on time! Oh yes, don't you or any of your fellow deadbeat sympathizers waste the effort..,I'll tell you now, I don't work for them!!!

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