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I have been with OneMain since they were American General back in the mid-90's, Springleaf Financial and now who they are today. I called because I was told by the manager that once my credit score hit a certain point, she could approve my loan in-office, without having to go through her manager.

When I originally got the loan 'her manager' said "would you loan her money out of your own pocket based on her credit?" This was after my insurance company paid a loan off on one of my vehicles they had title to. And even then, they would not finance another vehicle so I had to go elsewhere to purchase one...Well, I have paid off every loan I have had with them, never late, never issues at all for over 21 years. I PAID for my credit report because I knew I had paid off two things that I was unaware of that were in collections and I pay every payment I owe, credit card, mortgage, everything either early or on time, including OneMain. I called because my credit reached the point where it could be done "in-office", only to be told no, your credit score hasn't changed!!

I said no, you haven't updated your records, according to my statement on line since August 31st and it says you update quarterly. She says I show September when it clearly shows on my statement on line that it was last updated in August and is "updated quarterly"...well it was still a no. I watched different people, not of my race, get approved in front of me, knowing full well they don't work year round but me, I do...they discriminate against you, even their hiring practices are questionable due to the fact you cannot get hired or even be considered for a job with them because you have to speak Spanish.

Regardless, I'm just going to pay off my loan, get my title to my car back and after this many years and having the office manager's manager make the remarks he did, never go back....I've got a letter written to their corporate office about my last visit a few months ago in their office about the "unknown decision maker" who was making his comments on the other end of the phone...........people just need to be cautious. I had no choice but to go with them but their interest rates are killer high rates......sad, very sad...

Product or Service Mentioned: Onemain Financial Auto Loan.

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