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One Main financial lied to me. I took out a loan to consolidate some bills.

Went back a couple of years later to borrow a little more for some more expenses. Branch manager did not tell me it was a SECOND MORTGAGE! I lost my home in 2008 and now I have a $17,000 unsecured loan that is not going down.

The interest is killing me and its not fair. I don't think that they are listening to anybody but themselves because after losing my home and job in the same year, they just do not care but getting their money.

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Camden, New Jersey, United States #673598

Dude I feel for you, but if you signed papers for a Loan and didn't understand what the loan was , and how it was done. That mistake really falls on you in the end. If you sign your name and post collateral, YOU are responsible for understanding what you are doing. What you need to do is look at a Bankruptsy Chapter 7, which lets you walk away from all your debt clear and free. You can keep your car, home, all your stuff, everything. I just did this and kept my House, 3 Cars, all my belongings, everything. I fell on hard times, lost my job, spent all my savings and stock options, went on government assistance...You name it it was real real bad. I ended up spending $1600 for everything A to Z to file and be discharged as a Chapter 7 Liquidation. Oh did I mention I kept everything I own including my home and cars. I ended up getting a better deal on my mortgage, and car loans too. All the credit cards were Zero Out and closed with me owing ZIP - Nothing ($367,000 unsecured credit card debt) All Gone. Also with a bankruptcy you don't get hit with the Tax claim on your return. That deal is if you default on an amount, and the lender closes your account as a Loss. You are responsible to pay the government Income Taxes on the total debt that you have defaulted on. I'm my case I would have had to pay Income taxes on the $367,000 in credit card loses, making my taxes paid go from $3200 up to $121,000. NONE OF THIS IS THE CASE IF YOU FILE FOR BANKRUPTCY. it's not as bad as you think it is, and your credit gets reinstated with in 3 years. I filed 3.5 years ago, and just purchased a new 62,000 car at 3.2% over 60 months.

Please research a good bankruptcy lawyer, they are only allowed to charge a flat fee and no hidden costs, that's the federal law on what it costs. Find someone who only does bankruptcy or is a specialist in this. Look at their track records, research their past clients, look online at ratings like this site.

I hope what I wrote here helps anyone in this kind of mess. It's just money, and the banks want to help you more then they might say. Talk to a professional and get help on your debt. Good luck. :)

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