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Please, Please stay away from this Loan Shark Company at all cost. Took out 11,000.00 loan 07/01/2018 at 289.00 per month.

It's now 07/01/2020, 24 mos I have paid $6,936.00. My June statement has my balance 9,103.00.

Therefore only $1,897.00 was deducted from the Principle!!!!That means $5,039.00 has gone toward the Interest. There interest is paid upfront, and I most likely will not be paying on principle until 2022!!Paying off early will not help you at all because the interest for the 60 months is in the Loan!!!!This process should be looked into by the BBB, immediately.

User's recommendation: Stay Away!!!!!

Location: Raleigh, North Carolina

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" into by the BBB" And you were going to tell them what? Were you going to tell them you didn't bother to READ &/OR UNDERSTAND what you were getting into?

Were you going to tell them you don't understand BASIC business math. Look, a few years back, the government made it so loan companies and such had to disclose how much this money you were borrowing would cost. They did stuff like make the important junk bold so only an idiot wouldn't know what the loan was about. Your advice is good.

Stay away, this is expensive money and most of your payments go to interest.

Blame yourself. Say it..."You must work for them."

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