about 11 years ago, when there was a property boom, we decided to obtain a 2nd mortgage nothing really excessive $25,000.We made one of the biggest mistakes in our 40 year marriage by going to one main.

It is now years later, we are locked into a 2nd mortgage with 12% interest and have to date paid, in interest, $42,000. Our balance is now still $25,000. This is the cost of a car now days. Which would be paid in 6 years.

I have 12 more years. Since our house was used as Collateral we are locked with no way to get out.

For all you younger people turn and run away from finance companies.This one was one of the worst ones we could have used.

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Bloomington, Illinois, United States #799721

Yes .This place are crooks.

I also have a loan through them . I only got 3,600 . That was a year and a half ago and I still owe 3,100 .thats 17 payments or so of 165.00 ans ive paid 400.00 . Ive literally taken a 3rd job to pay it off asap.

I got the loan to help with a home DP .. the puchase of the home fell through.

So I used the 3,600 topay off bills.But now I wish I just gave it back.


of couse I can pay it off early, I am not dumb.If I had the $25,000 in my pocket.

I would certainly do that. I take full responsibilty for signing into this loan, as I HAVE BEEN MAKING THE PAYMENTS for 10 YEARS. My comment,if you had read on, was to WARN younger people who were looking for a loan or a 2nd morgage. I really don't believe we should be talking DOWN to one another on this web site.


And....our intention when we took this loan out was to pay it off when we could access our 401K, which at the time had 400,000 in it. But when the stock market crashed it took our money down with it...Oh and did I mention, I also had breast cancer which delayed our plans.

You know you shouldn't be so condescending to people.You probably work for this *** company.

Los Angeles, California, United States #773436

Why are you "locked in?" Can you not pay it off early? Did you not understand what you were signing, because I'm sure this was all spelled out in the paperwork. Yes, they may be unscrupulous, but you have to accept some of the responsibility.

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