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    • Poor Customer service 25
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I will like to share the goodness of God in my life after so many months of trying to get a loan on the internet and was been scammed so i became restless and desperate in getting a loan from a legit lender online. But as God would have it, i saw a comment from a friend called William Ken and he talked about this legit loan company where he got his loan fast and easy without any stress so he... Read more

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Travelers Rest SC, custome viocemails extreamly rude, refusing payments . Threats of all kinds . Add comment

Suck and full of *** one main *** lie they said bad credit is OK no check credit they still said need check credit what the *** *** they said huh *** *** one main I ever had bad company they must close and out of business period Add comment

My wife wanted $ for her student loans...she was afraid to sak me for money. (I have never said no to her needs!) She went to One Main in Marion Ohio and Carol Ferguson of the branch erroneously filled loan papares out that were not truthful!!!! I am a Immigration "sponser" under Federal Law, (that means I'm responsible for all her debts!) I am the nearest relative! Carol Ferguson used my... Read more

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The worst loan i ever got.... i had to pay more first off because we rented instead of owning it was up to the state law 35 percent. i advise you not to get a loan threw them hidden fees all the way. I never missed a payment. Begining of the loan they ask you what due date you want you can change it one time. Well doing that they added over 600 to change but didnt say anything to me about it.... Read more

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I was threatened by they was taking me to court or a judgment.But i explaine to them i had lost my job and no income coming in they did drop it to half.But how can i pay that without income. Add comment

Received confirmation congratulations letter i was approved for loan.called and called only to be told that i wasnt approved try at later date. Two days later recieved letter that stated they were sorry to hear that i declined the loan. Well what is this all about confused me I certainly could of used that money now,just goes to show they dont communcate very well and lie. So upset. I will... Read more

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Giovanna rodriguez almanza in missouri tx Rude always on her cellphone /bluetooth never pays attention to customers Add comment

I absolutely hate this place! They have absolutely NO customer service and they are probably the rudest people I have ever had to deal with. They would tell you one thing during one phone call and then go back on their word a few days later and make it seem like you're the one who made the mistake. And then, they harass you with phone call after phone call. Also, their interest rates are through... Read more

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I received a pre-approval in the mail and called to get $1500. I was informed that they use net income. I informed the person on the other end that I was retired, I get paid at the end of the month and my pension is direct deposit. I was told "no problem" and the process continued with numerous questions. Eventually I was told that my income is insufficient without a co-signer. I believe... Read more

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