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One Main Financial does provide services to sub-prime borrowers, however, their lending practices are downright deceitful and disgusting. Never in my life have I seen such a horrible "bait & switch" approach that I experienced yesterday. I think a phone call or letter to the Attorney General is in order. Then to top it off, you can't find any information on how to contact their so-called Corporate office. Once it was purchased by SpringLeaf... Read more

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Okay, One Main is a sub prime lender, but has a base of customers that need their services for one reason or another. Get your loan, make your payments as you promised, there are no problems. The web interface is tight. No excuses. Pay your bills. I just made my 36th consecutive on-time payment and paid off. Now I am using a bank loan, credit score rising...thanks OMF! Yes, they do have many accessory products similar to credit life insurance,... Read more

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Talked to onemain financial representative for two days. After two days never heard from them in a week. Im thankful that they never called back. I will never call them again. Add comment

Horrible company , they tried to prey on me , I was approved for a loan , mind you I have good credit and have done buissenes with them before and never had a problem like this , I had used the same branch in Williamson sc for years . There were new people in the office I had not been there a while , I have never been told I was going to be financed at 35% , I like to lost my cool 16000 would have cost me 27000 and the numbers did not even add... Read more

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I am planning on making the final payment on my loan that has been 7 years. No late payments, no missed payments, most payments were automatic withdraws. It says right on the loan paper payments of $333.00. Now they want to stick me for $483.27 for the last payment. They had a song and dance about interest bearing account, but that was NOT made clear to me when I took out the loan. It does not say that on my loan papers. And it is a L O A N, of... Read more

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I have been with one main for around 10 years they have been pretty good in helping us when needed. But this time has been the worse. This is the Tucson Az. Branch on golf links. It was the worst experience we have ever had she was rude and made it sound we could not take care of our finances which we have paid them every month and really none of her business how we spend our money as long as they get paid. Will not deal with them again poor... Read more

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All of one main workers are rude especially branch manager name John at the Salem OR branch. For being a branch manager. He goes off on you like it's his own money that you need to pay back. He tries to bully you and belittle you every possible ways he could. He needs to learn how to treat and talk to people in a professional way. He actually needs to take a class on how to talk and treat someone. Read more

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One Main had some very unprofessional employees at Dublin, Georgia office. The company place a judgement on my credit report as I was paying on a loan with them. I called a (888) number that was given to me by the local branch to better understand what took place and they told me that I had to go to my court house. I then ask them if they were the one's who placed the judgement on my credit report and they told me that the court did. I then ask... Read more

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Had a awful experience from one main in mt.sterling ky from time i walked in building i felt like they didnt even want to give me their bussiness. so i left without application even finished but yet they put a hard enquiry on mine but yet they took my wifes hard enquiry off .This is the worst company for loans they are rude and wrong at what they do ive lost 2 hard enquiry on my credit and didnt even get a loan so advice i can give to anyone is... Read more

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I borrowed $5000 in 2013 and been paying $286.00 every month on time. I still owe $6900! Do the math! Looking at my account, they use all of the payment toward interest because they charge interest DAILY. Rarely they put $15 or $20 towards the loan. If you get a loan from these crooks, you need to have enough in your budget to pay double or triple your payment each month or it will be a never ending loan. Now that my credit is good, I'm... Read more

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