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I have had numerous issues with these people calling and illegally harassing me over just several days late. I had an issue with my account originally that needed to be corrected and I told them. I have always paid every month if even late. They were so harassive I threatened to take legal action. First this guy Dave called and I hurt their feelings so they called the Dover Police. Now this character Barry is calling and doing illegal calls. He told A minor who is my sons friend that I should schedule a payment. I was going to but after that I... Read more

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I am trying to pay my loan off. I sent a check out on April 6, 2016 and after 3 weeks of it not clearing I cancelled the check. We decided to walk the check into the branch, but went to do our shopping and forgot to stop at one main. We are not that close to them it's a good 20 miles. I called the branch and was told I can't pay the loan off over the phone. I called headquarters and was told I had to call the branch to pay off the loan over the phone. In other words I have to turn around and drive back to williamston to pay off my loan. It was... Read more

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I had an almost identical experience with one main. Also borrowed 7500 in 2007. Made my payments on time for years. After paying on it for almost 5 years. We still owed them 11,000. My husband threatened to divorce me cause he thought id been borrowing a great deal more. I talked one main into dropping around 2400$ which left me with a balance of 8600.00. If I EVER get this paid off, I will NEVER use this co again!!! BEWARE! This co should be ashamed of the heavy burden they drag people down with. I believe in paying my... Read more

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***BEWARE!!!*** We borrowed $7500 for home repairs back in 2007. The loan is set to mature in June of this year. We have paid every month on time, and have only deferred 2 times in the lifetime of this loan, & they are holding the title to one of our cars for collateral. After making payments of $192.39 every month for several years, the balance is still over $5K... how can this be? They charge interest DAILY (yes, that is correct- DAILY interest) at 23.7%- that is how. We have already paid them almost $17K on this loan! They are a FRAUD- Do... Read more

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First of all, I received an email regarding a loan. I did not seek the help of this company. Once I called the number on the email, there was no recorded business voicemail, no hold music, no automated system talking to you while waiting...just dead air. Neither of the 4 individuals that I spoke with spoke good English. They then told me that I had a low credit score, which I don't (just purchased a new car over the weekend). Then, told me that because of my low score, I need to prove myself to their company, either by my checking... Read more

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i called to get the due date changed from the 10th to the 20th. the first gal i talked to said she would send me the form to sign and mail back.after 10 days i still had not got the form so i called back. this gal said it had been sitting on the mail stack but did not have a stamp on it. five days later i called back and asked a 3rd *** what was going on and that since i had not got the form yet i didn't think a lsate charge was due. she told me she would put the form in the mail and waive the late charge.but i needed to sign it and enclose... Read more

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i got a email stating i have been approved for extra 750 on my current loan told too apply i did this was informed that i needed too have a car too secure the the funds i have been with one maine for 11 yrs and have a good payment history also paid off 3 loans with springleaf finanical last payment made in 2009 my wife and i were on that contract together annette m johnson and francis johnson at that time it was american general finance also onemain knew due too my disabilities i do not have a drivers lic. and do own a car yet extended me... Read more

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When I applied for the loan they told me that I had a good credit score, When I asked what my interest rate would be the loan officer pointed to a piece of paper and stated that it would be between any of these rates, non of which was the 35% actual rate that was applied to my loan, silly me was taken in by the charm and what seemed to be genuine interest in my financial well being, I just paid the loan on time in the office, then I decided to start making payments on line I just happened to open my payment history and noticed that out of the... Read more

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This was my 2nd account opened with this company, 1st with CitiFinancial (Good experience) and now with One main financial (Worst experience) To make a long story short, my first statement was mailed to my Ex from 8 years ago, a person I had to escape from due to Domestic Violence and attempted Murder. I stayed in Hiding for 2 years and finally Felt Safe enough to come back to where my family resided. Well with One main sending my info to that Maniac, they were now aware I was back in the state and they knew I just took out a loan with all my... Read more

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It's great. I applied a few times over the course of the past few months. Each time my credit score was better than the time before. Each time they used a different excuse to deny. I have a bankruptcy on my report from 2006 which falls off in September. The most recent denial was for the presence of a bankruptcy. Seriously....its been on there for the last three denials. This place is ridiculous and I certainly will never apply to them again. They have not even told my my score is too low...only say that I had some past late payments and a... Read more

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