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    • Rude debt collector 12

I just got a bill and a derogtory mark since they bought Springleaf, and i have not taken a loan in 5 years! These thieves should be crucified! Absolutely crooks!

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I've had an encounter with One Main Financial customer service rep that decide to call someone *** and then get up in their face and then try to call the police on them I think that's really really sad they don't like to hear the truth also I have an issue with if you have the papers for unemployment insurance and you lose your job that's what the insurance is for to cover you but they want you to go through all these loops and then trying to... Read more

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Pretty generous with the loans not too hard to get but whoa boy! They murder you with the interest but that's the price of bad money management I guess!

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I get loan offers from them almost weekly, despite having called them numerous times and telling them to take me off of their mailing list; and returning all of their letters, marked "JUNK MAIL: Return to Sender." I don't know how I'm going to stretch this out to 100 words. Let's see Old McDonald had a farm. That's 55 words. 44 to go. Two chemists walk into a bar. The first one says "I'll have H20." The second one didn't say "I'll have H20 too,"... Read more

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I paid off the loan and they kept taking money after loan was paid in full. I contacted the local branch, they had me bring in proof of their draft. The manager contacted the corporate people who take care of these issues and they said that they would still have to investigate for another 2 weeks. What is the purpose of me getting proof from my bank then? Corporate refused to allow the local branch to make a check. Glad I am through with this... Read more

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First off I want to say how rude these people are. I called the branch in State College Pa with a couple of problems. The manager never seems to be in and no one else knows the answers to my questions, so I have to call another branch for help. I was in the process of getting a business loan and used the loan from one main to pay off other debt because I was told it would not be reported to the credit bureaus until my first payment was due. That... Read more

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The loan service seems to cater to specific applicants with peefect credit scores, not as the advertise states. I make73k with 2 paid off car loans. With a high value custom motorcycle. With under 1300monthly deit. Still a did not qualify ??????

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Onemain lef me to believe they would extend my loan with them. I made some decisions based on their word. Time to grant loan after so.eo e else put their credibly on the line for me after they insisted then they turned down loan at last possible second. They caused some serious damage to my credit score, mortgage payments, truck payment, and other debts. My credit now is damaged beyond repair and they have no shame at all like nothing is wrong,... Read more

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You can have 700 credit score but you get a bad rate

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Tried to "opt-out" of One Main's pre screened loan qualification notices and the first bit of info they ask for is my Social Security Number. Doesnt feel right to me. Does anyone know if this is a scam? I dont feel comfortable just giving out my SSN . I will just keep ignoring their junk mail.

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